Mobilizing People for Action

Through my writing, teaching, and relationship building, I mobilize people to take action.


Elected Officials

I design easy to process information for elected officials and their staff so that they will take the action needed for my campaign.

Example: “The Report Card” a document designed to educate elected officials on the values of community health centers.

Undervalued Communities

I provide tools and practice scenarios to folks so that they can better engage with elected officials and with the communities and institutions around them. Here, I played on the feeling of doing the same thing over and over again on Groundhog Day to get folks to once again ask Congress to take action.

Example: Groundhog Day Advocacy Alert.

Relationships with Reporters

I establish personal relationships with individual reporters, because there is no single unifying entity that is “the media.” News organizations are made up of people, and people write stories about other people.